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Your money, your way.

Beyond the bank: Beyond the traditional mobile banking and digital wallet functions, the solution provides a seamless experience when checking out in-store and online, no different than reloading a virtual card in your favorite coffee retailer's mobile app.


Easy to use: With several ways to add funds to your CaliCard account, you benefit from the flexibility of using available funds from bank accounts, debit cards, and even credit cards. 

On-demand: Funds can be added at the time of purchase to settle a transaction or funds can be kept in your CaliCard account no different than a traditional checking account. 


Access your money: Account holders maintain access to their funds via the intuitive mobile app, the online web portal, and the bright orange CaliCard

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Benefit from over 35,000 retailers

Digital Wallet For Everyone: In a world fueled by convenience and opportunity, the need for digital payment methods is increasing with the uncertainty of the economy and germs passing through cash payments. CaliCard provides a suite of digital wallet features (that's the buzzword for "bank")such as bill pay, peer to peer transfers, as well as clever savings tools to help you manage your money.  Best of all this wallet is packed full of merchant discounts. Oh, and you can use it to buy weed!  


Adding Funds: In addition to mobile deposits and receiving money through peer to peer transfers, account holders can also link a traditional bank account, deposit cash, and even receive rebates or cash-back from the participating merchant network. 

Offers and Discounts: Everyone loves a deal... CaliCard makes it easy for participating merchants of all kinds to offer discounts on goods and services. CaliCard sits between the product companies and retailers to ensure the money gets into the right hands... you simply browse and save!


They Save - You Save: CaliCard offers, lower interchange rates, lower merchant fees and most of our retail and online merchant partners are offering additional discounts if you use the CaliCard when check-in out vs traditional credit cards that cost them a pretty penny to accept.  Its a win - win!


How it works


CaliCard partners with a combination of large banks and smaller financial institutions in the State of California and other recreational States which provide the local continuity needed to process most types of transactions including ACH, Debit, VISA, Mastercard while maintaining compliance with Federal laws and regulations. 


Since CaliCard is serviced like a virtual bank account the funds that are loaded into the digital wallet can be sourced from federal banks and at no time does CaliCard process cannabis transactions directly with federally held / managed funds.  Instead we offer the cannabis merchants a closed loop payment solution similar to those we use daily at our favorite coffee chain and not unlike the gift card programs we see at major retailers across the country, such at Target, Nordstroms and Walmart. Since the merchants have Calicard as a registered payment method they benefit from lower transaction fees and you benefit from NO FEES!

Not just weed friendly!

In addition to legal settlement of cannabis goods the solution provides consumers with the ability to transfer money to and from a traditional bank account, pay bills online, access cash via a participating ATM network, initiate pier to pier transfers to other CaliCard account holders as well as the ability to create sub accounts for things like savings accounts. 

Integrated to your life

Account holders will be assigned a physical card that can be used in-store,  access ATMs as well as to facilitate online purchases. Consumers can also leverage the digital payment interface using the mobile app, which will present the merchant with a unique QR code or use the app to tap-to-pay, no different than using Apple Payments.

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