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Make money move -

CaliCard for Business: Beyond the traditional mobile banking and digital wallet functions, the solution provides a seamless experience when checking out in store and online, no different than reloading a virtual card in your favorite coffee retailer's mobile app.


Customizable: CaliCard is customizable to your branding so consumers are not passed to a third party application or experience to pay for a purchase.


On-demand: Funds can be added at time of purchase to settle a transaction or funds can be kept in your CaliCard account no different than a traditional checking account. 


Access your money: Merchants benefit from same day settlement, chargeback protection and the lowest fees we've seen in cannabis banking and merchant services.  


The 411

Banking: In addition to the features you'd come to expect from a digital wallet, merchants can deposit cash through a network of ATMs across the State as well as use their virtual bank account or their CaliCard Business Card to pay bills, transfer money, make purchases and more. 


Settlement: Additionally funds generated from consumer purchases are made available same day. No more waiting for your money!

Advertising & Promotions: Merchants can publish deals and offers to the CaliCard community for free which increases revenue, loyalty based merchant loading to member accounts, pre-authorization feature to enable things like subscription payments. 


Economics: CaliCard offers, lower interchange rates, lower merchant fees, no charge backs and fraud protection. 


How do we do it?


CaliCard partners with large banks in countries where cannabis is federally legal and not encumbered by the lack of safe baking acts we see here in the USA.  These large banks own and manage smaller financial institutions in the State of California and other recreational States which provide the local continuity needed to process most types of transactions including ACH, Debit cards, and Credit cards while maintaining compliance with Federal laws and regulations. Since CaliCard is serviced like a virtual bank account the funds that are loaded into a consumers digital wallet and can be sourced from federal banks

Not just weed friendly!

In addition to legal settlement of cannabis goods the solution provides consumers with the ability to transfer money to and from a traditional bank account, pay bills online, access cash via a participating ATM network, initiate pier to pier transfers to other CaliCard account holders as well as the ability to create sub accounts for things like savings accounts. 

Integrated to your life.

Account holders will be assigned a physical card that can be used in-store,  access ATMs as well as to facilitate online purchases. Consumers can also leverage the digital payment interface using the mobile app, which will present the merchant with a unique QR code or will leverage the merchant’s point of sale terminal NFC interface, no different than using Apple Payments.

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