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Move over bank… CaliCard digital wallet is for everyone

CaliCard is a revolutionary new way to move money, pay for purchases, and collect rewards on things Californians buy every day, including cannabis!
Adding funds to your account is easy with many options including transfers from an existing bank account, debit card, credit card and even the ability to use cash through our extensive participating ATM network. 

Community currency accepted online and in store

The CaliCard Community Currency is a digital form of payment that is processed by online merchants and retailers as a closed-loop transaction, no different than today's gift cards.
Account-holders can add funds to their accounts in seconds either in advance or as part of an integrated checkout process.

Packed with offers and savings.

Account-holders benefit from offers and discounts extended to them from participating merchants.  Promotions such as cashback, subscribe and save as well as card-linked offers that apply rebates into your account based on purchase history. Additionally, retailers pass on savings they get by leveraging CaliCard as a preferred payment vs more costly payment methods such as credit cards.
Wait till you see the exclusive offers that start popping up in the app. From pizza to weed - we have it all for less!

Cannabis friendly!

Hey - after all we are in California! 
The available solutions for digital payments at your local dispensary or online delivery provider are clunky, expensive, and at times illegal.  CaliCard is the most flexible, inexpensive, and intuitive solution available. 

No credit checks.

Account holders are not required to undergo a credit check as part of signing up.  We simply have to verify your identity and you're in! 

Safe & secure

Your accounts will always be safe and secure with our bank-grade security and encryption systems

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