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Canadian fintech leader, XTM Inc, and proven cannabis executives join forces to launch a revolutionary community currency and fintech platform which provides consumers and merchants an alternative to traditional banking, merchant banking, and digital currency.  The new CaliCard offering is equipped with a digital wallet that provides compliant banking, digital payments, and merchant services to the cannabis industry in addition to other mainstream categories. 

XTM Inc is a leader in consumer and wage settlement technology.  The newly formed joint venture will provide consumers with the ultimate alternative to clunky, expensive and at times illegal payment processing solutions seen in the US cannabis market. CaliCard also announced today that it has been working with 5 major retailers, both online and brick and mortar dispensaries on the cannabis payment functions of the solution.  


In addition, the company will be adding non-cannabis merchant networks over time and will launch with several hundred reputable retailers across the State, including restaurants, c-stores and more. This will enable CaliCard account holders to use the new community currency for virtually all types of products and services.  Participating small local merchants will benefit from an inexpensive alternative to traditional cashless payment acceptance options, as well as CaliCard-sponsored promotions to help boost adoption and sales. 


Based in Los Angeles CA and with offices in Toronto Ontario Canada, CaliCard will be hiring top talent in all departments.  If you're interested in a career in the high tech fintech industry - with the spice of the cannabis industry, CaliCard could be your home. We will be posting positions in:

  • Engineering (LA and Toronto)

  • Marketing (LA)

  • Business Development (LA)

  • Customer support, Merchants (Toronto)

  • Customer support, Consumers (LA and Toronto)

  • Finance and accounting (LA)

  • Compliance & Regulatory (LA and Toronto).

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