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What is CaliCard?

Safe fast and secure way to make or accept payments and promote local businesses. Simply add it to the online checkout process you already have in place.

Customer shops & fills their cart.

Customer is ready to review & checkout

Pay with CaliCard by filling in payment details

Place the order & authorize payment

Your customers will shop on your site and add items they like to their cart. No changes here.

When they're happy with the selections in their cart, your customers proceed to checkout.

They put in their billing and payment details just as they would for any other credit card.

After they enter the payment details and place the order. They will be asked to authorize the payment via text message. You choose where they go, perhaps to a thank you page or back to your home page.

What is CaliCard?

Merchant looking for alternative ways to accept payments? Learn more 

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Why users love the CaliCard

It's easy, convenient, and safe to use. Members can shop at any participating merchant and keep ​track of all their online hauls in the app.  It's also simple to join. CaliCard members are not required to undergo a credit check as part of signing up. We simply verify your identity, and you're in!

Making purchases with CaliCard is seamless. Money is transferred from an existing bank account right as the transaction is completed. So there's no need to worry about topping up the card before using it. All you have to do to set it up is add a debit card to the CaliCard account. Since your debit card is used to link the accounts, you can still earn any points or rewards offered by their bank. It gets even better because CaliCard members can take advantage of exclusive deals from participating merchants such as cash-back, subscribe and save offers, and discount codes!

We got your back. Check out is safe and protected since members get an instant spend notification for you to approve each purchase. Not to mention that accounts are backed by our bank-grade security and encryption systems.


Buy online & tracking spending


No credit checks


Digital payments made easy


Get instant spend notifications


Exclusive offers & discounts


Keep earning rewards

All in one

secure account.

Get your virtual card!

For people
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Why merchants love the CaliCard

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Hassle-free checkout




Flexible payment option for customers


Access your money

CaliCard provides a seamless experience for merchants to accept digital payments at their online checkout. Retailers who can not accept credit cards can now offer CaliCard, allowing customers to use the money in their bank account for online purchases. It's an alternative way to receive payments to make more sales!

CaliCard offers lower interchange rates, lower merchant fees, as well as charge-back and fraud protection. Like purchases made with a traditional checking account, funds are pulled right from the bank account onto the card to settle a transaction. Since we collect the customer's funds on demand, we can be sure there will be enough money on the card to complete the purchase, and merchants can benefit from next-day settlement. CaliCard handles the legal settlement of the payments through our banking partners, and we take care of all the KYC, AML, OFAC and PCI compliance.

Sell more with


CaliCard members get access to exclusive deals, discounts, and rewards from participating merchants. Promote your own deals to keep customers coming to your shop.


Smarter economics


Secure digital payments

For Businesses
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